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We are individuals who can seamlessly integrate computer science and mathematics foundations to ask data-driven questions in domains such as Healthcare and Medicine.

Highly competitive individuals who are trained in the latest Computer Science curriculum

We are not limited to the world-class syllabus that is prescribed by the Institute. Many of us have been continuously outperforming other graduate students in places like the prestigious GSOC and Microsoft Codess Programs.

Our competitive nature and the drive to reach the top always keeps us on top of our toes. This makes sure that we have an in-depth knowledge of the latest tools and technologies to design and implement efficient software solutions using suitable Algorithms, Data-Structures and other computing techniques

We also undertake a specialization in the domains of Healthcare & CB

With the advent of high-throughput techniques, biological sciences grapple with a paradigm shift towards data-intensive explorations and challenges for management and analysis of massive data. Making progress on these frontiers requires insight into biological processes, algorithms, machine learning techniques, mathematical modeling, apart from numerical and programming skills.

Thus, interdisciplinary education that imparts knowledge of foundations of biology & computer science and training in modeling & analysis of biomedical data is the key to creating personnel who can provide solutions to problems on the interface of computation and biology.

Some of our Awesome Projects

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Automatic SRA data processing on IIITD HPC

Web Dev

An SRA data alignment pipeline which uses an app (Flutter) to send commands to HPC which then downloads SRA data and processes the data using a python script and binaries of appropriate tools.

Done by: Saad Ahmad, Hardik Saini, Aditya Singh, Bhavay Aggarwal, Amritpal Singh, Sejal Singh

Bench marking tool for gene prediction softwares.

Web Dev, App Dev

Benchmarking tool for multiple gene prediction software in a single user friendly UI platform where the predicted results from these software are compared on various level with the annotated results.

Done by: Rachit Jaiswal, Nitesh Jaiswal, VRS Pranav

Bharat कक्षा

Web Dev, Database Management

There are about 1 lac government schools in India and about 1225 K.V schools? These schools follow the same curriculum and guidelines but still lack efficientinterconnection.

Done by: Anuneet Anand, Himanshi Mathur, Srijan Jain, Vikas Mahto, MD. Talib

BioBytes Website

Web Dev

A Website made for BioBytes ( The Computational Biology Club at IIIT-Delhi )

Done by: Hemant Dhankar, Samarth


Web Dev, Database Management

An online books elling/exchanging/borrowing portal where people can easily sell and buy books. Avid readers might also exchange their books or lend them to new readers. It also had a book recommendation system based on the users likes, previous reads as well as books trending amongst similar readers

Done by: Anmol Gupta, Basil Asad, Hrithik Malhotra, Rahul Kukreja, Sarthak Pal


Web Dev, Research

A novel algorithm that characterises the inner surface of a structure using 3-Dimensional Coordinate Data. The complete usage guidelines as well as interpretation of the results can be found online on the webserver.

Done by: Parth Garg

Cuisine Classification and Clustering of Cuisines

Data Science, Machine Learning, Research

Exploring ML and NLP techniques to classify recipes into cuisines given ingredients. Worked on hierarchical clustering of cuisines and presented a poster on the same in Symposium of CG.

Done by: Saad Ahmad, Bhavay Aggarwal

Cuisine Transformation

Data Science, Machine Learning, Research

Created a deep learning model to transform a recipe of particular cuisine to another by swapping out ingredients.

Done by: Bhavay Aggarwal

Drug Doping Analysis

Machine Learning, Research

Research for finding alternative foods which cause ban of a sportsperson by WADA and trying to prevent inadvertent doping.

Done by: Prutyay Gautam, Ria Gupta, Mrinal, Sanskar Sachdeva, Bhavik Agarwal, Gavish Gupta

Evaluating Human Decisions in Bandit Problems

Web Dev, Research

Worked on the famous problem of Saint Petersburg Paradox to see how humans respond to various situations when presented with the description as compared to when they get first hand experience. In this project is done using html, css,javascript,php and mysql along with crowdsourcing.

Done by: Vishesh Agrawal

Fight Mate

Machine Learning, Other

A setup consisting of special gloves, cap & vibration sensors which predicts defense against an attack & tells the best move to hit. For training purposes.

Done by: Ritik Malik, Ria Gupta, Adwit Singh, Amandeep Kaur

Gene Prediction Meta Server

Web Dev, Other

An integrated web platform for various offline Gene Prediction tools.

Done by: Hemant Dhankar, Nitesh, Ritik, Karan, Chhavi, Vikas

Gesture Crane

App Dev, Other

In this project, we were able to control motion of crane using a remote processor on the glove with the help of arduino. This can help people to control object more like in real life.

Done by: Samarth Chauhan, Aman Aggarwal, Prasham Narayan, Aakash Malik

Hearty Gloves


We made a smart glove associated to a app in mobile, which keeps track of heart rate and also sends a message to selected contacts in an emergency

Done by: Pranav, Sai Kiran , Anvesh, Himanshu

Interactive LED table


We made this beautiful project which changes it's color when any object placed on it.We use the IR proximity sensor,addressable RGB LEDs and some hardware material to build this table.

Done by: Vikas Mahto, Aakash Kumar Sagar, Yash Choudhary, Kiaman

Lab Management System

Web Dev, App Dev, Database Management

A system for management of labs in universities. Can be used by labs, college clubs, course instructors and students for managing and sharing of resources.

Done by: Saad Ahmad, Mohnish Agrawal, Dibya Gautam, Aditya Rastogi, Anvesh Kiran

Mars Rover Navigation Project

Web Dev, App Dev

The web application helps the Mars Rover to navigate the planet from a start point till endpoint avoiding all obstructions using AI-based shortest path algorithms like A*, IDA*, Best First Search.

Done by: Shreeya,Yashdeep,Larika,Sonali

Mystery App

App Dev

Multiplayer gaming application based on solving crime mysteries through clues and chatroom discussions. (currently on Google Playstore : NEORON)

Done by: Bhavik Agarwal


App Dev, Database Management

A project with key emphasis on Database design and Management to provide Healthcare affordable and accessible to all. Here, our registered users will get the pleasure and ease of e-consultancy by highly specialised and rated doctors.

Done by: Ria Gupta, Tushar, Rachit Jaiswal, Ajit Singh, Abhinava Phukan

Posture Management System

App Dev, Other

A wearable that can inform a user via an android app if he/she is sitting in a bad posture. It can also be used to measure heartbeats.

Done by: Hemant Dhankar, Abhishek, Rishabh, Mayank


Web Dev, Research, Other

A web application to predict the affected organs by the genome sequence of a known or unknown virus with the help of information and literature available on the online databases like BLAST, PDB & PubMed. The results are sent to the user over email with graphical representation.

Done by: Hemant Dhankar, Ritik, Chhavi, Shekhar, Shreeya, Deepanshu

Reddit Flair Detector

Web Dev, Machine Learning

Designed a reddit flair detector which could detect the "flair" or category of a post on r/India subreddit. Used advanced machine learning and natural language processing techniques with flask web framework in python and reached an accuracy of 66%.

Done by: Chandan Gupta

Shoppify: A Shopping Kiosk with face recognition

Machine Learning, Other

A user friendly and interactive shopping kiosk to assist shoppers visiting a supermarket. User is identified using face recognition. Features such as loyalty,analytics, map of the shop and add to cart options are there. The data of the users as well as shop is stored and accessed using MySQL.

Done by: Vishesh Agrawal

Social Currency Metric System

Data Science

Implementing Social Currency Metric System is a milestone in providing a better and holistic view of project health in the open-source community. By adding social currency in the metric, we are able to quantitatively measure the value of community interactions to accurately gauge.

Done by: Ria Gupta


App Dev

In this game, you are flying through space between the buildings and blockage via accelerometer to collect coins in the shortest time possible.

Done by: Samarth Chauhan, Chandan Gupta

Sync Glass

App Dev, Other

This product is add-on to existing glasses which give smart screen without any blocking vision.

Done by: Samarth Chauhan, Aman Aggarwal, Prasham Narayan, Aakash Malik

Tumor classification in MRI images

Machine Learning

Worked on head and neck tumors data from AIIMS Delhi. Used Simple Linear Iterative Clustering to create superpixels and used Random Forest to classify superpixels into tumor or non-tumor classes based on image features. Managed to acheive an average DICE score of 48.

Done by: Saad Ahmad, Bhavay Aggarwal

Virus Stain Prediction

Data Science, Deep Learning

In this project we tried to predict the sequence of virus strain using previously available data using DL.

Done by: Samarth Chauhan, Ritvik Gupta, Anmol Kumar


Web Dev, Database Management

A rating based platform where a service seeker can find details of service providers in their locality, pin, or city and can use filters to get the desired output.

Done by: Hemant Dhankar, Prince, Sonali, Yatharth, Arun

weAR: an AR based Information System

App Dev

Implemented Augmented Reality solutions for learning and manufacturing sectors in an application.-Enhanced user experience and efficiency in interactive online learning and 3D modelling.

Done by: Prutyay Gautam, Mrinal Agarwal, Aditya Singh

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